Welcome to your piano tutorial

Hello Piano Players! You can learn to play piano with your favorite songs on Youtube with Synthesia videos. We are the best online piano tutorial! Trust me, we have created lists of piano tutorials by categories and upload two different versions of the same song: normal with reactive virtualizer and slow with sheet music. If you can’t find a sheet music, please request it! Also, we will recommend all kinds of musical products, at a good price, to help you with your learning.

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Let's start a piano tutorial with your first keyboard

Keyboard keys are also significantly lighter than piano keys, which may make them easier for a beginner, especially a young child who hasn’t yet built up the finger strength to be effective on a larger instrument.

My first keyboard was the Yamaha EZ-200. A good beginner keyboard for kids, or any beginner pianist who might learn best with visual aids. The illuminated keyboard function helped develop a relationship with the piano keyboard layout. Currently I want recommend you differents keyboards for start.

The next step is to go to the piano lesson online

The youtube piano lesson is free, you can access to PianoPlaying and subscribe to not miss the new lessons. We use videos created with synthesia piano, this is a program to easily visualize what the pianist plays. You can start by using the list of piano tutorial easy, this is the best way to found piano lessons for beginners.

The beginner piano sheet music

The best way to learn piano is with patience and motivation. To read the sheet music slowly I recommend look for a song that you like and choose the piano tutorial easy with sheet music. For example, I really like the song “Your Song of Elton John”

Only you need time and effort! You can start with the easy mode and in the future play the difficult version 💪

Piano Lesson of Jump Up Super Star Super Mario Odyssey EASY
Easy Mode
Piano Lesson of Jump Up Super Star Super Mario Odyssey HARD
Hard Mode

Flowkey: The best way to learn piano

Flowkey is easy and fun. You can practice notes and chords interactively and receive instant feedback. For me it’s the best way to do a good piano tutorial. Only you need the Flowkey app and your piano or keyboard. Run and try it!! 👌 Over 1500 songs of all genres and skill levels are waiting for you!

There are over 4 million people have enjoyed learning piano with Flowkey, from beginners to advanced players. Start for free today! Try now for free, with no obligations.

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